San marius university student residences, barcelona

Dorms and university accommodation residence student and giving advice with all kinds of services in Barcelona, Muntaner 507, Travesera de Gracia 22 , Vallespir 34.

San marius residències d'estudiants universitaris, barcelona

Residències d'estudiants i universitaris que dóna allotjament i assessorament juntament amb tot tipus de serveis a Barcelona, Muntaner 507, Travesera de Gracia 22 , Vallespir 34.

San marius residencias de estudiantes universitarios, barcelona

Residencias de estudiantes y universitarios que da alojamiento y asesoramiento junto con todo tipo de servicios en Barcelona, Muntaner 507, Travesera de Gracia 22 , Vallespir 34. Santi Sallés Web - English Version - Web - Design Solutions - Company websites - Graphic - Illustration - Multimedia - Interactive CD DVD - Order Management - Barcelona

University student residences Barcelona San Marius

San Marius Residencias de Estudiantes

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san marius residencia estudiantes
University Residences San Marius, a private entity which has been operational since January 1, 2000 and whose primary purpose is to provide accommodation, support and advice to the college student who comes to our country and elsewhere in the world.
CAN visualize all the rooms of our residences Muntaner, Travessera de Gracia, Gracia

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Tel: + 34 607 92 79 37
08022 Barcelona. Spain
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