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University Residences San Marius

Residencias San Marius is a private entity that operates since January 1st 2000 and which main goal is to offer accommodation, assistance and counsel to university students who come from our country or any other part of the world.

After so many years of experience we know that living abroad can sometimes be a hard experience that, along with the effort that your studies require, is difficult to cope with

All our residences are quite small, which allows us to keep a very close relationship with our residents, know them personally, let them know us easily and therefore help them in whatsoever situation.

Currently, Residencias San Marius offers its services in Barcelona with its 3 residences located in Muntaner 507, Travessera de Gracia 22 and Gran de Gracia 117. You only need to choose the residence that covers your needs the most.


It is our most important duty to make you feel comfortable and surrounded by a proper and calm atmosphere that helps you fulfil one of your main objectives in Barcelona, study.

We offer you accommodation in fully equipped single or double rooms with all our services included or with the possibility of preparing your own meals by yourself.